Fall Candidate Requirements

Fall Quarter Applications are now closed. Please check back in the winter for winter quarter applications.

To become a member, you must commit yourself to contributing to the numerous programs and activities that have been a part of our Delta Chapter’s tradition since 1921.

Specific Candidate requirements are as follows:

Academic performance

  • Must be an accounting, finance, or information systems major, currently enrolled in upper division courses.
  • Earn a 3.1 cumulative grade point average.
  • Earn a 3.1 overall grade point average in their upper division accounting, finance or information systems courses.
  • If a candidate does not have a 3.1 cumulative GPA, they may qualify for membership if they have a 3.25 GPA for the last 45-quarter credits that they have completed.

Professional/Service activities

Complete the following in your autumn candidate quarter:

  • Attend a total of eight professional meetings of at least one hour in duration, seven of which need to be BAP meetings.
  • Complete seven service hours. Five of the seven hours need to be BAP-related:
    • Mandatory events will be announced after the quarter starts (two to four hours) – Must attend one of these mandatory events.
    • Any other BAP-related service event (one hour)
    • The remaining hour can come from any BAP or non-BAP service activity

Autumn Quarter BAP Candidates

  • GPA 3.1 or Higher
  • Professional Hours 8 BAP Hours
  • Service Hours 7 BAP Hours
  • Total Hours 15 for Autumn Quarter
  • BAP Annual Hours Requirement

An annual requirement of 40 hours must be met by all members and candidates seeking membership. Of those 40 hours, each member is required to have at least 15 or more hours of professional activities and 15 or more hours of service activities. In addition to the 30 hours previously described, you must complete at least 10 additional hours of professional or service activities. The additional 10 hours can be all service hours, all professional hours, or a combination of both. Only a maximum of five hours per year of professional activities and a maximum of five hours per year of service activities that are not sponsored by Beta Alpha Psi will be counted.

Other activities

In addition, candidates are encouraged to become a member of a BAP committee. Throughout the quarter, officers and project leaders will need help to fulfill their various responsibilities. Depending on the function of the committee you may or may not receive service hours. Committees are not only a good way to earn service hours, but they enable you to meet many of your fellow accounting students and accounting professionals from the public firms and corporations. Please contact a current officer to find out how you can be more involved in BAP to make the most out of your BAP membership today!

Financial considerations

As a candidate, you will be expected to pay a one-time, non-refundable initiation fee of $105 to the National Chapter. In addition, you will be expected to pay quarterly membership dues.

Thank you for applying to Beta Alpha Psi. We are excited to have you
Please make sure you complete ALL of the following To Do list.

-- Fill out Membership Application
-- Maintain a GPA of 3.1 or 3.25 for the last 45-credit hours taken
-- Pay dues of $105 (One-time national fee $65 + Quarterly chapter fee $40) at your first meeting
Payment options: Cash, Check (payable to Beta Alpha Psi) or Credit Card at professional meetings (convenience fee applies)
-- Everything completed by October 13, 2017

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